Welcome to Saint Arsema (St Hripsime)  Memorial Charity 

We have organised the Third annual event in the UK to commemorate the Great Martyrdom of Saint Arsema (St Hripsime) on 12 October 2014 at Clapham Common ,London SW4 7A. You are ALL kindly invited to share the blessing of the Saint.

Saint Arsema (St Hripsime) is a community founded as a Charity in memory of the martyred Saint Arsema (St Hripsime) to feed elderly and people who live in poverty and provide counseling service

The Charity also works on praising and raising awareness about the Saint and the preservation and expansion of her Churches and Monasteries and dissemination of the Saint's life and healing miracles to the World.

Who is Saint Arsema (St Hripsime)? 

Extract of her life:

St Arsema also Known as St Hripsime (Սուրբ Հռիփսիմէ) in Armenia was an Armenian Virgin and Martyr of Roman origin who is one of the most popular Saints in Ethiopian Orthodox Christians known as ቅድስት አርሴማ. She and her companions in Martyrdom are venerated as the first Christian Martyrs of Armenia. St Arsema was of noble birth and belonged to a community of virgin nuns numbering around 35. She was known to be extremely beautiful and attracted the notice of both the Roman Emperor and King of Armenia.

St Arsema was horrified and fled her country along with the other Virgin nuns to a distant country of Armenia when she was told of the honour that the Roman Emperor was determined to marry her. Her great beauty however again attracted the King of Armenia and a letter was sent from the Roman Emperor to the King of Armenia insisting that to send her back or to take her for himself.

Virgin Arsema however responded that she could not marry at all as she devoted her entire life to serve Jesus Christ as a nun, as were the other nuns. At this, a voice from heaven was heard, saying, "Be brave and fear not, for I am with you”.

The Emperor ( King Tiridates ) ordered St Arsema to be tortured and to be roasted alive in a deep blaze of fire, however, with her guardian Angels St Arsema survived intact from the fire. The Emperor then ordered again St Arsema to be cut into pieces by sword along with other Virgin nuns. St Arsema was then martyred for Christianity faith in Armenia in about c 290, as we believe.

Following St Arsema’s Martyrdom Kind Tiridates and his soldiers were then punished by God for their actions; the soldiers were beset by devils, and began to act like wild animals, running through the forests, gnawing at themselves, and tearing their clothes. The King was turned into a wild boar for his actions.

Saint Gregory who was thrown in a deep valley by the King for refusing to worship pagan had to be taken out alive with the protection of God after 15 years from the valley to convert King Tiridates back to human by prayer and confession .Saint Gregory then baptized the King and other royals and converted them to Christianity.

King Tiridates issued a decree to begin carrying out the conversion of the entire nation from paganism to Christianity. Armenia then became the first country to adopt Christianity as its State Religion in 301, as we believe.

St Arsema sacrificed herself for the conversion of the entire nation to Christianity and ascended to Heaven with a complete accomplishment of her mission as a Christian.

St Arsema is honoured in Roman Catholic Church ( Feast on September 29), Orthodox Church in America ( Feast on September 30), Armenian Apostolic Church (Feast on June 04)  and Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Feast on October 09).

Sources:  the life of Saint Arsema.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here.